wildlife team

When we started our family-operated wildlife trapping business, our goal was to offer ethical & humane services at a reasonable price.  We didn’t charge what the industry dictated, instead we charged what we felt was fair.  With all factors considered, we ended up with some of the lowest prices in the industry.  It is just how it worked out.

So far, we are the only Licensed Wildlife Control Operators (trappers) that are also Licensed Wildlife Rehabbers in the State.  This gives us abilities above and beyond the average trappers.

We pride ourselves in doing it differently than most, which is using scare tactics to secure extra work or the job itself, we keep it real.  What we mean by this is just because a critter exists in your yard or there has been a sighting does not mean that you have to spend money to have it trapped.  Sometimes there are simple explanations, suggestions that could calm the situation.  We listen, educate, and respond!

We have pages established for each critter that we trap & control under our Nuisance Wildlife Trapping License:  Bat Removal | Beaver Trapping Bee Hive Removal |Carpenter Bee Control Coyote Trapping Dead Deer Removal Dead Animal Removal Fox Trapping Mouse Trapping Possum Trapping Raccoon TrappingRat Trapping Snake Control Squirrel Trapping.

If given the opportunity to resolve your nuisance wildlife trapping situation… you will not be disappointed!

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