Since no two homes are alike, no two exclusion proposals are the same price. However, Bat Exclusion is far less expensive than squirrel or rat exclusion work (typically considered a “Full Home Exclusion“) since we have to exclude fewer places for bats.

Let us first define the term “Bat Exclusion”. This is the act of using bat-proof materials & devices and apply these to your home using “METHODS” or in a manner in which is designed to keep the bats OUT.  Let it be known that not “ALL” Bat Exclusion work is created equally.  About 15% of our work is repairing other companies exclusions that were not effective or done properly.

What makes our bat exclusion work different:

  1. We offer a FREE 10-year warranty with LIFETIME renewable option.
  2. Our prices are typically amongst the lowest in the industry.
  3. We take an extra measure for aesthetics.  ( Example: Gable vents we paint both sides of the metal to make it blend and to add longevity to the lifespan of our work, Fasteners are stainless steel and we even paint fastener heads to visually blend.)

Bats are hyper-territorial so they will keep trying to get into what they consider to be their roosting spots.  It is imperative that a professional inspects the home and determines what needs to be sealed to keep the bats from gaining entry.  A bat can hide in a crack the thickness of a pencil.  So the key to a successful exclusion is 1) understanding bat behavior, 2) using quality materials that bats cannot get past.

bat entry points
Common Bat Entry Points

With wildlife you can NEVER say never or always.  The following FAQ’s are based upon our past history and expertise.  Let me dispel some commonly encountered misinformation:

  1. The more bats that you have the higher the price.  The only part of a bat exclusion that is dependent on the number of bats is the guano clean-up.  The amount of exclusion work that needs to be done is the same if it is 1 bat or 2,000 bats.
  2. If you have bats you need to have all of the insulation removed from your attic and then sanitize it.  Bat guano typically falls right below where they roost.  There should be isolated areas where the guano is piling up.   We found one bat job in the past decade that needed a complete attic restoration.

Bat Exclusion

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