For the recordGoogle brought you here because you searched for a “WILDLIFE TRAPPER NEAR ME” which is offering Ellijay Wildlife Control (Ellijay Animal Control) and that is exactly what we do.  Our family-owned business began over a decade ago, specializing in wildlife control.  Our customer’s kept repeatedly requesting us to expand to pest control, so we spent YEARS obtaining the proper education, licenses & skill sets required to be able to offer our clients our standard household pest control services.  With all of that said, here we are! Ready to serve!

Just a couple of the services we offer for nuisance wildlife is Rat Trapping & Rodent Control, Bat Removal, Squirrel Trapping, Snake Control, Beaver Trapping & Dam RemovalCoyote Trapping, Hornet Nest Removal and Standard Household Pest Control issues for bugs & creepy crawly insects.  If you have any type of pest in your home, there is a quick solution… CALL US!

Duluth Wildlife Control Team


We are fully licensed highly-trained wildlife trappers & rehabilitators.  We offer affordable & humane wildlife trapping services.  Our goal is to provide fast, affordable solutions that resolve the wildlife problems and not just a temporary fix.  All of our wildlife trapping services are offered as a flat-rate fee service.  The rodents are always a one-week endeavour while the advanced trapping like beaver, fox & coyote are always two-week jobs.  While we are trapping, we figure out what needs to be sealed on the home to prevent future entry.

Oftentimes people will hear noises in their attic then it goes away.  Maybe six months later it is back and goes away.  I can explain this.  All rodents use urine marking to communicate.  Here are the findings of a University study on urine-marking which simply supports that urine marking is a means to communicate and socialize for rodents.  Through these scent trails, they convey their species, sex, and individual identity as well as metabolic information, social dominance, and reproductive and health status.  It is amazing.  But this explains why they keep coming back.  It becomes a seasonal thing.  If left unchecked you will have flying squirrels in the winter, squirrels twice a year and rats anytime.  We can keep them all out.


We charge a FLAT-RATE FEE for One (1) week of Wildlife trapping & Wildlife Control services. There is NO setup fee, NO per animal fee, NO need for an estimate or quote. The trapping fee is all inclusive: Five (5) trips out every single day (Monday through Friday) to set the traps, check the traps and to remove all rodents trapped.  According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, in the State of Georgia, it is a requirement that the traps are checked every single day.
Daily trap checking is important for many reasons: 1) It’s the law, 2) Humane to the squirrels, rats & mice but equally important 3) It enables us to make the most out of your trapping dollars by our Professional Wildlife Trappers having the opportunity to reposition any traps that are not productive and rebaiting if necessary.
– A thorough inspection has to be performed to determine the target species. This is based upon factual signs & evidence inside the attic on outside at entry points.
– We determine the best trap for the species, the most effective bait & prime location of the traps.
– All of our traps are humane and the most effective in our industry.
– We check our traps daily.  Not only is it the law but it makes the most out of your trapping dollars.


Critter-proofing a home is the ultimate means to an END.  During an exclusion, we apply animal-proof materials & devices in a manner (knowing the wildlife) that will prevent them from entering again.  This is a very labor-intensive job and it takes an intimate understanding of these critters to know how to keep them out.  We have followed a lot of roofing companies and handyman who sold their services as animal-proof and to their disappointment a couple of months later they had to hire us anyway.
We only use the highest quality materials and combine that with our expertise, we are proudly able to guarantee that no animal will get past the areas where we have performed the exclusion services.  We offer a 5-Year Warranty on rodents and if it is a bat exclusion it is always 10-Years with NO ANNUAL FEES.



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Ellijay Wildlife Trapping - Wildlife Control
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We offer humane Ellijay wildlife control & Wildlife trapping services. Flat-rate fee trapping and our critter-proofing (wildlife exclusion) services come with a 5-year warranty with no annual fees.
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