Alpharetta Hornet Nest – Yellowjacket Hive Removal

We offer some of the LEAST EXPENSIVE prices for Alpharetta Hornet Nest – Yellowjacket Hive Removal Services.  We pride ourselves on offering “Quick & Economical” hive removal services. This page is NOT referring to our Licensed Honeybee Hive Removal & Relocation Services – This page is strictly for the Bald Faced Hornet Nests, Yellowjacket hives, European Hornet Nests and Wasps.  

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If the hornets or wasps are outside your home, in the ground or in a bush/tree… we can remove these quickly and affordably, often being able to complete the service without anyone at home making it one of our most convenient removal services.

If the Hornets, or Wasps are in your structure, meaning in a wall void, soffit box or attic, we have to assess the situation to find the most effective way to remove them while making the fewest modifications to the structure as is possible. Before any work is done in this case, we clearly explain everything from our plan of approach to removing them and any possible issues or risks that could be encountered.


The Georgia Department of Agriculture now requires all Honey Bee Hive Removal Companies to meet the following HoneyBee Licensing & Certification in order to removal a honeybee hive from within a structure:
• Certified in Honeybee Control & Removal which includes an approved pre-examination training, experience and passing a state certification examination.
• Hold a structural pest control company license and provide verification of minimum liability insurance and renew as required.
• Maintain certification by meeting the recertification training requirement and submitting renewal fees as required.

Here is a link to the Dept of Ag’s FAQ’s for Honeybee Removal: (click here)


We tried to make it as simple as possible.  From the point that you schedule the job, we normally can take care of the hive either that day or the next day.  We squeeze your job in when it makes geographical sense.  We call you ahead of time and let you know when we will arrive at your property.  PLEASE NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE HOME IF THE HIVE IS OUTSIDE.  

If the hive is inside a wall or structure please go to: Alpharetta Hornet Hive Cut-Outs


IMPORTANT:  On ALL Hive Removal Calls – There are hunters that are out foraging when we come to remove the hive.  Therefore, after we remove the hive they will return to their home only to realize it is GONE!   They will hang out where their hive WAS.  They are less aggressive since there isn’t a Queen to protect.  After about a week they typically are gone.


We approach the hive in protective clothing and do our best not to alarm the hive. While controlling the environment we remove the Queen, all of the insects, the hive and pupae and destroy all of it.  Again, we always try our best to completely control the environment. Unlike videos you see on Youtube where there are thousands of hornets flying around… that is not how we chose to do this. This is in situations where we can access the hive.

Issues that affect the price: Height of hive, Size of Hive, and Access.


This situation is typically when the hive is inaccessible, we leave the hive intact and treat the hive with pesticides that kill the insects in the hive and has residual properties to kill the hunters that return.  This is a less costly means to destroy the hive, however, it is not guaranteed to kill the Queen.  The hunters that come back will either be repelled or killed from the pesticide application. However, the Queen could escape and rebuild close by. Just know that when we treat a hive it is what is referred to as a “DEEP HIVE PENETRATIVE TREATMENT”. We are in protective clothing so we can take our time to make sure the pesticide is forced into the hive in hopes of destroying the entire hive.


This is the perfect situation for a Hive inside a void of a wall or a ground nest. This was when we used pesticides that have a residual effect and pests come back after we are done and make contact with the pesticide — they die. Great for wall voids since “some” always escape or sneak off down the wall void while we are removing the hive this takes care of them.

bald faced hornet

Bald Faced Hornet Nest

Occurrence: OFTEN!

Location: Stuck on side of house, in a bush or hanging from a tree

Size: Ranges from softball to 2 beach balls.

Preferred Method: Complete Removal

Behavior: Aggressive when they feel threatened

yellowjacket hive removal

Yellowjacket Hives

Occurrence: COMMON

Common Location: In the ground, a wall void or inside a soffit box

Size: Varied – Can be huge in void

Preferred Method: Removal &/or Treatment

Behavior: Mean & Sadistic

european hornets - alpharetta hive removal

European Hornets

Occurrence: COMMON

Common Location: Inside a soffit box / in a rotten or hollow of a tree

Size: Basketball size or even larger

Preferred Method: Complete Removal

Behavior: Hardcore if provoked


Bald Faced Hornet Nest

Bald-Faced Hornet Nests are mummy-looking hives that are hanging from structures like eaves, doorways & trees.  They usually have Sentries (guards) watching for potential threats. They have an invisible flight path that they monitor. If in your approach you break their flight path — an alarm is sounded!  Beware! Bald Face Hornets are notorious for going for your eyes.

If the Bald Faced Hornet Nest is attached to the house we will do a complete removal. We take our time to control the situation so all of the hornets do not escape. We want to take as many with us as possible. However, with that said there are always some out foraging when we come to take the hive. They will come back and hang around for a while and even try to make a new empty hive. It is empty because we took the Queen with us. They are far less aggressive since there is no Queen or Hive to protect. Typically within a week they are no longer there.

Yellowjacket Nest Removal

Yellowjacket nests are most commonly found underground.  Oftentimes they have multiple entrances. This type of a hive removal is called a “Dig Out”. First, we have to control the situation by taking our time to carefully remove as many Yellowjackets as we can then we dig up the empty hive and pupae. Yellowjackets get alarmed from simple vibrations of someone walking by or mowing the lawn too close to the hive.  The attack begins!  Be careful. We don’t just spray the hive and run!!! We have protective clothing on so we can either completely remove the hive as mentioned above OR if the hive cannot be accessed then we can do a deep hive penetrative pesticide application to do everything in our power to have the Queen’s chamber infiltrated with pesticides.

Sometimes we stumble upon Aerial Yellowjacket hives under eaves, decks, and doorways or the Yellowjacket hive has take up residence in a wall void or soffit box.  We have tools above and beyond our skillset of watching for a flight path. We have thermal imaging cameras and inspection scopes to help us locate an active hive in the wall. 

When a hive is in the wall of a home it is considered a “cut-out“. We have a page dedicated just to cut-outs to better help you understand the steps and process.

European Nest Removal

European Hornet Nests are the least common of the hive removal calls. It isn’t as common to have them invade our home. When you see these massive buggers is at night when you have a porch light on you will see them coming, hunting for the bugs attracted to the porch light. We always recommend using a LED porch light or Bug Light bulb to cut down the attractant so they are less likely to establish a hive close-by.

When we remove European Hornets they pelt our head repeatedly trying to get to us. Once a Tech was simply looking to see if there was a hive in a soffit, just peaked in and a European nailed his forehead so hard with a sting that immediately they looked like they were a Klingon in Star Trek. We can laugh now, years later.

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bald faced hornet nest

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