You probably typed in the term “ NUISANCE WILDLIFE TRAPPING NEAR YOU” which is offering Berkeley Lake Wildlife Control or you would certainly not have landed on our web page for Southern Wildlife Management, LLC dba Southern Pest Management.

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Our family-owned business began over a a decade ago.  We started with concentrating on nuisance wildlife control. Because of our client’s repetitive requests, we spent YEARS securing the education, skill sets & licenses necessary to be able to provide standard household pest control solutions to anyone. With that said, right here we are! Prepared to serve!

The most frequent issues that we gets hired to handle are: Berkeley Lake Bat Removal & Bat Feces (guano) Clean-up, Berkeley Lake Snake Control & Snake Repellent,  Berkeley Lake Rodent Trapping, Squirrel Trapping,  Beaver Trapping & Dam Removal, Coyote Trapping, Fox Trapping, Bee Hive Removal and Integrated Pest Management in Berkeley Lake. There is a fast way to resolve this … SIMPLY REACH OUT TO US!

We have pages established for each critter that we trap & control under our Nuisance Wildlife Trapping License: Bats, Beavers, Bees, Carpenter Bees, Coyotes, Dead Animal Inspection, Dead Deer, Fox, Hornets, Mice, Possums, Raccoons, Rats, Snakes and Squirrels. 

Berkeley Lake Wildlife Trapping Services

Everybody in our company is completely accredited and are highly skilled wildlife trappers. We offer affordable & humane nuisance wildlife trapping services. Our goal is to offer fast results to completely resolve the issue and not just a momentary solution.

Even if it is your very first time having rodents you will certainly quickly recognize you will certainly have them repeatedly. The cause this keeps happening is not that you have done something to cause it, it is because of the way rodents communicate. The fact is that rodents use urine marking to relay messages as a way to socialize. There are lots of University studies that verified rodents use urine marking for communication for numerous social contexts. Urine marking includes hereditary information regarding the specific rodent, such as types, sex, and specific identity as well as metabolic information such as social supremacy, and reproductive and health and wellness standing.

– Our Berkeley Lake Wildlife Trapping Steps –

All of our wildlife control services are charged as a flat-rate fee. The rat & squirrel control jobs are almost always a one-week period while the advanced trapping jobs like fox, coyote, beaver & muskrat are always booked as two-week jobs. While we are on your residential property trapping, we identify what needs to be sealed on the home to stop future entry and quickly email you a no-obligation quote to exclude your home.

With all of our nuisance wildlife control services in Berkeley Lake, there is NO setup charge, NO per species charge, NO need for a price quote. The trapping service is a flat-rate fee: UP TO Five trips for rodents & UP TO (10) trips for Canine & Aquatic Species each and every day (not including weekends) to adjust the traps, as well as to remove any & all rodents trapped.

Daily trap checks are essential for numerous reasons: 1) It’s the required under our licensure, 2) It is ethical to all rodents and 3) It allows us to make the best use out of your trapping money. If someone says that they place the traps and come back a week or two later… run because it is illegal, inhumane & it educates the rodents to avoid the traps.


⇒ A complete assessment to identify any target pests. This is based upon accurate indications & proof like trails, feces, damages, and so on
⇒ We determine what should work best for your particular scenario. Which just implies utilizing the proper measures, the suitable bait & trap’s placement.
⇒ We just make use of traps that have proven to be the most efficient and humane.



Exclusion is another name for critter-proofing or sealing your home, we make use of wildlife-proof devices & materials and our approach to assuring that the critters cannot get back in. Once the animals are trapped & removed, they leave behind odors, feces, and scents which will invite other rodents. This clears the way for the next group to find their way back inside unless you seal its possible entry points to get back in. Several of one of the most common access areas for animals are:

◊ Gable Vents ◊ Builders Gap (Gutter Line) ◊ Dryer/Bathroom Vents ◊ Soffit Returns ◊ Holes

We just use the best quality animal-proof products and devices, as a result, we have the ability to offer a warranty that no wildlife will gain entry past the areas where we have sealed.  Please note, there is to provide a rate for exclusion over the phone. While we are there every day, we identify how the animals are getting or access right into the building or residential or commercial property. This allows us to calculate the costs for the exclusion work.  As soon as you authorize the quote, we move quickly to get the job scheduled.

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FREE ACCESS to TOP 12 Steps to implement to STOP Attracting Rats!

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