Richard Rick Federation Founder

Richard “Rick” Federation

Rick is the Co-Founder and Head Trapper who specializes in Aquatic Species & Predator Trapping. Rick has had a lifetime of hunting, trapping and a passion for everything outdoors. He is dedicated to always updating his knowledge and understanding of all things wildlife as science and technology discovers newer, better and more thorough ways of humanely dealing with each species. He is determined to provide the stellar services that our clients expect, never giving up! If anyone wants great details, and he has the details, behind each species, signs, behaviors, breeding info, attractants, etc – Rick will be more than happy to share his information. He is a walking Discovery Channel series. : ). It is because of his passion & fearlessness that we all have had the pleasure of working for almost 15 years in this business – making a difference every single day!

Richard Rick Federation Founder

Verron Federation

Verron came from three generations of Wildlife Trappers. As a kid she was drawn to wildlife and was viewed as a “tomboy” for her love for all animals and the outdoors. She started this business with her husband, Rick, in 2009. She created Southern Wildlife Management’s Web Presence and Social Media Content. Starting the business from scratch, she demand much of many and as a result each member has their area of expertise and specialties. She is as a licensed Wildlife Rehabber, licensed Wildlife Trapper and handles all of the logistics for the company. If you call – she is the voice behind the phone at all times , any hour of the day or night. Call us, there is no mistaking the passion as it comes across the phones.

Richard Rick Federation Founder

“L” Deal

L is the driving-force behind adding Pest Control as a service that we can provide but it was never an option to be just a standard household pest control service. L was determined to offer a conscientious alternative; something that took the moral high road when providing these services to homeowners… therefore we only provide an Integrated Pest Management Program which combined other measures in addition to limited pesticide usage inside the home. L also helps with all of the web development as well as social media marketing bringing a fresh, younger perspective to the table.

Richard Rick Federation Founder

Bruce Lyman

Bruce moved up from Florida to join our family in this endeavor. He was always determined to push himself to become the “expert” in everything he attempted. He instantly took to the Wildlife Exclusions which required having an intimate understanding of each of the species that we deal with when understanding behaviors and what is required to stop them from getting in. He is always up for a challenge in overcoming obstacles with any construction barriers. He is the “go to” person when any of us have questions or concerns with use providing exclusions services. He is dedicated & such a hard worker.

Richard Rick Federation Founder

Elijah “Eli” Federation

Eli is the youngest member of the family and the newest addition to our team. He, like his Mother & Father, has a natural born fearlessness towards nature & animals. No bug or animal has every crossed Eli’s path where it didn’t stop him dead in his tracks and cause Eli to pause and observe. He was always fascinated with all things in nature. Eli has teamed with Bruce to learn all of the aspects of the day to day inner workings of our company and will become a Licensed Wildlife Trapper & Licensed Pest Control Technician when he has gained enough experience.

Our Story….

We started this family-business in 2009 in Johns Creek. Our goal was to create a business that provided affordable solutions for humanely controlling wildlife and getting them out of homes in the local market. We are the only company that we know of in Georgia that is licensed Wildlife Trappers & Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators. We feel it is POSSIBLE to get the animals out and keep them out while treating them humanely and abiding by the laws that govern our licenses.

Shortly after getting the company up & running, we recruited our oldest child, ‘L” to come on board and shortly thereafter we brought on our Nephew, Bruce. L took the company in the direction of Pest Control aggressively procuring all of the necessary licenses (great test taker of the group) and unbelievable red-tape to add pest control as a service. Bruce found himself drawn to wildlife exclusions and raising the roof of our industry’s subpar standards to provide exclusions that we can proudly guarantee.

In the first decade we literally worked 24 hours around the clock to grow our business. We would answer our phones at all hours of the night and dispatch emergency calls. Now, we have grown the business to a point that our system works flawlessly and now we are scaling back from the around-the-clock responses to focus more on sleep and family.

Recently we have recruited our youngest child, Elijah “Eli”, to join our family team. He was born with a natural passion and fearlessness towards all things wild. Bruce is working with him to train & groom him for our business. What a wonderful addition!

We want to extend a warm “Thanks” to you for trusting us to resolve your wildlife or pest issues.

From Our Family to Yours… Stay Safe!

Any questions give us a call!