If you are dealing with bats and live in the City of Dahlonega we offer Affordable Dahlonega Bat Removal & Bat Exclusion services. All of our bat work comes with a FREE 10-YEAR WARRANTY.  Our family-owned & operated business can walk you through the process. We promise we will provide these services quickly & as economically as possible. We will explain the process in simple terms, it is not an alarming situation. We can reassure you.

It’s important to treat the bats humanely for a few reasons, they are endangered and because of that they are federally protected but in addition to this, they are very beneficial to our environment and consume a lot of flying insects (mosquitoes!) and so we want them around. If you have any questions or concerns about the bats or bat removal services in general, please feel free to give us a call and we can help you directly.

The mere presence of a bat outdoors is sometimes beyond the tolerance of some people. Don’t let others scare you into paying more than you should.  Arm yourself with information & facts. Plain and simple, we need bats to survive but just not in our homes or attics.  We can help get them out of your home – quickly, effectively, inexpensively and humanely.

Bats commonly enter buildings through openings associated with the roof edge and valleys, eaves, apex of the gable, chimney, attic or roof vent, dormers, and siding trim gaps. Other openings may be found under loose-fitting doors, around windows, gaps around various conduits (wiring, plumbing, air conditioning) that pass through walls, and through utility vents.  However, about 90% of our bat removal jobs are in the gable vents alone. We only seal what we feel is necessary to keep the bats out & to-date we have never had a breach in our bat exclusion work.



We come out to get our eyes on the bats to determine what measures need to be taken to get the bats out, seal up the home so they cannot come back in & clean up guano.  We come prepared to start the work right then and there if you approve.


As long as it is not the maternity season (no flightless babies) we will either hand remove the bats or use a one-way valve which lets the bats safely out but blocks them from coming back in.


Don’t let people make you think that since you have had bats in your attic that you need a complete attic restoration. 99% chance that you don’t.  Although guano cleanup isn’t cheap, nor should the dirty miserable work be.  Most of the time the guano is right under where the roost.  We will provide you with a quote to remove the guano and sanitize the area.


This is another term for sealing your house, bat-proofing it.  We seal up the current entry & exit as well as seal up all of the areas that we KNOW the bats will revert to as an entry point.  Bats are super territorial so they will keep trying. As a part of a typical bat exclusion the gable vents & siding trim gaps are the most common entry points. Bat exclusion is a part of a “Full Home Exclusion” which is performed when someone has issues with rats, squirrels or other wildlife species which gain entry in other common wildlife entry points. Those areas typically include the construction gap, soffit returns, ridge vent, utility chases and other various entry points.

Our DAHLONEGA Bat Removal process is actually laid out pretty simply.  We offer a FREE 10-year BAT Warranty.  We service the entire DAHLONEGA, Georgia area.

DAHLONEGA Bat Removal Team

Do you have bats in your attic? Don’t panic! It’s a common problem in Georgia, but there are humane and effective solutions for bat removal. Here’s what you need to know: First and foremost, it’s important to understand the legalities of bat removal. Bats are federally and state-protected, so harming a bat can result in…

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