With all the wooded areas surrounding our homes up here in the North Georgia, it’s only natural that sometimes woodpeckers can be attracted to your house. Set aside the annoyance of the constant banging…. Woodpeckers can be very damaging to your home. Holes can be drilled into wood siding, window frames, and trim boards and even stucco siding. You can spend countless dollars repairing the damage, only to find yourself having to do it repeatedly. We resolve the problem with affordable solutions.

Generally Woodpeckers peck on homes for three primary reasons:

woodpecker control

1) Mating & Territorial Issues: A male woodpecker is drumming to make as loud a noise as possible to attract a female and to announce to other male woodpeckers that this is his territory. Hollow branches are generally preferred but sometimes a gutter or siding can serve as an acceptable substitute.
2) Feeding: A woodpecker is searching for insects. If you see holes drilled or chipped away not only do you have woodpecker damage, but it can also mean you have insects living in your external boards that the woodpecker found. Oftentimes, carpenter bees will drill holes into wood and tunnel through, laying eggs that you don’t even know are there.
3) Nesting: Woodpeckers can use your home as a site for a nest or roost hole if the woodpecker seems to be making a round hole big enough for it to enter. Keep in mind the nests are protected. So be very careful!

WE can help! Our #1 most productive solution is our WOODPECKER HAZING services. Hazing does NOT harm the bird and it does NOT require a permit from the US Fish & Wildlife.

As a part of our OUR WOODPECKER CONTROL services which includes both visual & auditory hazing devices that have a phenomenal success rate over the past decade with our company. Our program works over a one-month timeframe to retrain the woodpeckers to exclude your property from their routine.

We initially come out and do an inspection to make sure it is woodpeckers and that there isn’t an issue involving a nest or eggs. If your home is free of these concerns, then we install the electronics and visual hazing devices. We come back a month later and take it the electronics down and give you a choice to leave us the visual deterrents “just in case” when they come back at a later time that there is hope it is enough to spook them again.

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