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While deer can be a beautiful sight and are quite plentiful in all of Georgia, especially in our suburbs where there are fewer predators, there are many issues with their large population. When they are injured or dying they can use your yard as a safe place to bed down and if the deer die on your property, the responsibility falls on you to either remove the deer or have them removed. Our dead deer removal service is FAST and responsive. Even during the spring and fall when the deer become really active, we can often still offer same-day service and try to remove the dead deer as discreetly as possible when necessary. It’s an unfortunate part of the cycle of life but we can definitely make it easier for you and your family to handle. If you have any questions or concerns about dead deer removal, please feel free to give us a call!

Our Dead Deer Removal service area in North Georgia extends as far south as Alpharetta, Duluth, Johns Creek, Milton, Roswell, and Suwanee then going as far north as Ball Ground, Big Canoe, Blue Ridge, Cumming, Dahlonega, Dawsonville, Ellijay, Gainesville, and Jasper.    

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We offer AFFORDABLE Dead Deer removal services on private property – not alongside the road.   IF YOU ARE REPORTING A DEAD DEER ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD or HIGHWAY…  PLEASE DON’T CALL US – We are not the City or County. 

I made each of the cities (BELOW) clickable and each page has the phone number for you to call when it is on City or County property.  We do not know the individual numbers when you call. Alpharetta, Big Canoe, Cumming, Johns Creek, Suwanee, Gainesville, Dawsonville, Ellijay, Milton, Duluth

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We handle dead deer removal on PRIVATE PROPERTY when the property owner does not want to deal with it themselves:

  • Dead Deer stuck on a fence (upcharge if it has to be cut off the fence)
  • Deer in a pool or stream (upcharge anytime water is involved)
  • Deer in Pond (upcharge if a kayak has to be used)

Let’s be frank.  You have a dead deer and want it gone… Here is all you should care about:

  1. We have some of the LOWEST PRICES in our industry. (sometimes half the price of others)
  2. We will remove the deer, depending on when you call, either the same day or no later than the next day.
  3. There is a little bit of an upcharge for Holiday & Weekend services. However, we often have Techs on call for this.
  4. You do not have to be home.  We can pick the deer up and call you to collect payment over the phone and email you the receipt.  How much easier can we make it? 🙂

Some of the common dead deer pickup cities that we service are: [cities count=”20″ major_cities=”true”]

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These dead deer removal services are provided by us, Southern Wildlife Management, LLC dba Southern Pest Management.   We are a family-owned, small for-profit business, not a division of the State, County or City Government.  There are charges for our services.   Please visit the “ABOUT US” page to make contact with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

((These are both frequently asked questions and common search engine queries))

Q: Dead deer removal near me?

A: We do remove dead deer off private property. When you google search for “near me” you not only get people near you (if location services are on) but you also will get websites that have near me in their pages. Example: right here. Now this is one our page.

Q: Dead deer removal cost?

A: Our dead deer removal prices are some of the lowest we’ve heard of. Some businesses charge double or even triple what we charge.

Q: Dead deer carcass removal?

A: It doesn’t have to be an intact deer for us to be willing to remove it. We have removed parts of deer from yards for over a decade.

Q: Dead deer in my yard?

A:  If the deer is in your private property and not at the city’s right-of-way the City nor County will normally get it. You have two choices at this point… drag it to the road and call the city or hire a company like ours who specializes in wildlife removal and does handle dead animal pickup for an affordable price.

Q: Can you touch a dead deer?


Q: What do you do when a deer dies in your yard?


Q: How long does it take for a dead deer to start smelling?


Q: Can you get sick from breathing in a dead animal smell?


Q: How long does a dead deer last?


We have included an article below that is a quick read and should tell you everything you need to know about dead deer removal

Did you find a dead deer in your yard? – Now what?

Southern Wildlife Management is dedicated to providing top-notch wildlife management services, including Dead Deer Removal Services, to our clients in Johns Creek, Georgia, and the surrounding areas. We understand that encountering a dead deer in your yard can be a frustrating and unpleasant experience, especially if it happens repeatedly. In this post, we will explore…

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