Bald-faced Hornet Nest Removal

Bald Faced Hornet Nest Removals or Bald Faced Hornet Hive Removals are an everyday problem here in North Georgia. If we compare the nuisance calls to European Hornet Nest Removal in our area it is 20:1, the winner is Bald-faced Hornets.  Bald-faced Hornets are some of the most aggressive stinging insects that we remove.  Unlike the Bee or Yellowjacket stings, these pack a heck of a punch.

Bald-faced hornets nests are mummy-looking hives that are hanging from structures like eaves, doorways & trees.  They usually have guards in the opening watching for potential threats.  As soon as you approach or break the flight path — an alarm is sounded.  Beware!

Just as seen in this picture Bald-faced Hornets will take refuge in just about any crack or crevice.  We come out in protective clothing and remove the entire hive when possible, Queen and hive structure.  With our Chemical-Free Hive removal method, it is impossible for the colony to return since we take the hive with us.  Sometimes it is less costly for us to treat the hive instead of removing it, we will discuss options.  Either way, we never just spray the hive and run.  If we do resort to pesticide application we deeply penetrate the hive to destroy all of them.

Yellowjacket Nest Removal

We do things a little differently than the average Pest Control Company. We OFFER both Chemical-free hive removal & also a pesticide solution to resolve the issue with the hive.  If you opt for the Chemical-Free solution, our Technicians will remove the Yellowjacket hive (if accessible) completely including the Foundress’ and/or Queen(s) and well as many of the offending insects as possible.  We do not have to worry about the colony surviving & re-establishing the hive because we took it with us.

Yellowjackets nests are most commonly found underground.  Sometimes we stumble upon Aerial Yellowjacket hives under eaves, decks, and doorways.  We can even locate the hive if you are unsure of where it is located.  We would never ask you to track it down and risk getting stung.  Let us take the liberty & since we are in protective clothing we do not risk getting stung repeatedly.

Yellowjackets get alarmed from simple vibrations of someone simply walking by or mowing the lawn near the hive.  The attack begins!  Let our team of Yellowjacket Specialists completely remove the hive for you.  We only give price ranges over the phone for hive removals since it is sight unseen.

What to expect when you hire our team of Professionally Trained, Licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Bee & Hornet Hive Removal Experts to remove the Bald-faced Hornet Nest or European Hornet Nest:

  1. If Chemical-free hive removal is the option chosen then we remove the entire hive; queen, hive, pupae, and as many workers as possible.
  2. We are very responsive to getting you on the schedule quickly.
  3. You do not have to be home for us to remove the nest. The office can take credit card payments over the phone or if we quoted the exact price you can leave a check.


Regardless if we provide a chemical-free hive removal or we treat it with pesticides (commonly used is pesticide in a dust form) afterwards there will be some hunters that come back to discover their hive is gone.  They will stick around for a couple of days, dumbfounded and lost.  After about a week they will have either left, died off or been eaten by predators.  If pesticides were used it usually takes a little bit for the full effect.  Please expect activity either way for about a week.

Hive removal - Bald Faced Hornet - Yellowjackets, etc
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