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It’s no coincidence that people need Gainesville Squirrel Removal & Squirrel Trapping services as much as they do. Gainesville is a very populated & desirable city in Hall County, Georgia. Gainesville used to be less populated and rural but now it is an escape from the Atlanta traffic. With the growth spurt, Georgia’s wildlife has had less and less room to stay in the wooded areas and has decided that our attics are a safe & predator-free place to have their young.

When people call us for SQUIRREL TRAPPING they usually complain about the noises created in the walls or attic. At daybreak and again around mid-day, gray squirrels are on the move searching for food. The scurrying noises that they make are unmistakable, our customers feel confident that these rodents have made their way into their homes. These noises can be heard during the night or early morning; the time of day squirrels are most active depends on the exact species.

Our most common rodent removal services are for Eastern Gray Squirrel removal & Flying Squirrel control as these two are the most prevalent squirrels that invade customers’ homes. Flying squirrels are more common as the cold weather moves in. Of course, there are many other kinds of animals that find their way into Gainesville residences but this site is talking about squirrels in general.

When people contact us for Georgia Squirrel Removal to request squirrel trapping services, they need to understand that long-term squirrel control takes a methodical approach. Our highly-skilled squirrel elimination expert (Wildlife Trapper) conducts a complete inspection of the attic and the outside of your home.

– Our Gainesville Squirrel Control Process –


We thoroughly inspect the inside (attic) of the home looking to determine the rodent specie(s) we are dealing with and decide what the best trapping measures to take.


Our Family-business has been providing Squirrel Trapping services for over 12 years. We following the rules of our Wildlife Control Licenses and what is the long-term effective solution. With our SQUIRREL CONTROL process, we have taken the high road by opting to trap & remove the squirrels from the property. Some companies use one-way valves which let the squirrels out and leave them in the yard. We prefer to trap & relocate the squirrels far away from your home so they are no longer in the equation. Our squirrel trapping services are always for a ONE-WEEK duration with daily trap checks. That is another reason others take the shortcut to just seal them out because they are not willing to invest the time and effort into daily trap checks… we are. It works!


It is a FACT that once you have rodents you will more likely have them again and again. (Thank urine marking for that!) Regardless the only way to resolve the squirrel problems is to seal the home. Squirrel exclusion (squirrel-proofing) a home is the ART of using critter-proof material in a manner that 1) keeps the critters out and 2) looks darn good. All of our squirrel exclusions come with a FREE Two Year Warranty with an affordable annual renewable option.

A squirrel infestation can cause major damage to homes and businesses. If squirrels gain entry into structures, they are likely to soil insulation and rodents chew on the electrical wires inside of walls and attics. Squirrels also gnaw holes through gutters, roofs, and siding in order to access a building’s interior.

The squirrel trapping and rodent exclusion method is the most efficient way to get rid of squirrels from a property. Georgia Squirrel Removal starts by setting squirrel traps and while we are there every day checking the traps, we inspect the home to determine what needs to be addressed. We will provide you with an estimate to seal the home. It is that simple.

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