Our Duluth Dead Deer Removal Service is designed to be quick and affordable! You do not have to stay home, we will come and remove the dead deer even while you are gone, ensuring we are one of the most convenient services you will use. Every situation is different so when you call we ask the right questions to find out what it will take to remove the dead deer from your property so we can give you a price for the service. We will even advise you if your dead deer issue falls within the responsibility of your local city or county so you can save money. Just give us a call so we can help however is possible.

If you have a Duluth Dead Deer issue and need help getting it removed, there are only Two (2) options:

dead deer removal


This is your financial responsibility & you have to hire someone like us to come and remove the dead deer. Call us and we will ask the necessary questions to give a price over the phone.

We offer some of the lowest prices to get the dead deer. Call us we can help! Same Day / Next Day Service.

dawsonville dead deer


This is the City or Gwinnett County’s Responsibility. You can call them and they will arrange “on their timeline” having the Gwinnett County Road Crew come by and pick it up. IF you want it faster you have to pay someone to remove it.

We have “TRIED” to source the number for you to call. It could change at any time: (770) 513-5700

Let’s be frank.  You have a dead deer and want it gone… Here is all you should care about:

  1. We have some of the LOWEST PRICES in our industry. (sometimes half the price of others)
  2. We will remove the deer, depending on when you call, either the same day or no later than the next day.
  3. There are up-charges for: Holidays, Deer on fences, Deer in water, Deer down an embankment…
  4. You do not have to be home!  We can pick the deer up and call you to collect payment over the phone or text you the invoice to pay online with a 3% processing fee and email you the receipt.
Duluth Dead Animal Removal Team

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Duluth Dead Deer

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Any questions give us a call!