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Scorpions are creatures that have been on the earth since just about the beginning of time.  Scorpions, thus, are extremely successful and amazingly adapted…and can be terrifying if you find them in your home.  Our Pest Control Service prevents most issues with pests, so if you are seeing scorpions in your home give us a call!  We want to help!

Basically, scorpions have a very easily recognized form, even though they may vary in size up to an inch. They all look very similar with two pinchers at the front part of the body, a head/body combo with 4 legs on each side (8 total) and a long tail.  At the end of the tail is a bulbous shape that ends with a hooked shaped stinger.  Scorpions are arachnids, thus have 8 legs.  The head & body (cephalothorax) is conjoined which is also a characteristic of spiders.

A scorpion is best known, unfortunately, for its sting.  In some areas of the world, there are dangerous scorpions that do result in human fatalities from their stings.  These creatures frequently get a lot of media attention and thus most people believe that all or most scorpions are deadly creatures.  Not true! Most species which enter houses are not very poisonous, their stings being comparable to those of bees or wasps.  The little uniformly colored Southern devil is what we see all over North Georgia.  The Striped Bark Scorpion is found in the coastal plains and other areas of Southern Georgia.


Finding a scorpion in sink or bathtub, is common because once they fall in they have difficulty in getting out.  Our native scorpions are small up to 1 inch in length.

To successfully control indoor scorpions, it’s essential to manage the scorpions outside the home. As a part of our inspection, we point out the habitat modifications that need your attention, reducing the number of outdoor hiding places for scorpions is important.  This might include the removal of debris such as loose rocks, wood, trash, and other unnecessary things from the backyard and around the home.  It’s also beneficial to keep the grass mowed short and all shrubbery nicely pruned.  In addition to those measures, we inspect the outside of your home to determine what needs to be sealed on the outside of your home to help prevent pests from entering.  All of our pest control solutions involve the integrated pest management approach where we combine the ethical application of pesticides with a common-sense stance on prevention and habitat controls.

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