Most of our clients, that reach out for our beaver trapping services, have attempted to resolve their problem by destroying the beaver dams.  Beavers are highly industrious, therefore, removing dams and lodges has little to no impact on deterring them.  Simply said, it is mere exercise and entertainment for the pesky critters.

MAKE SURE WHICHEVER BEAVER TRAPPER YOU HIRE, THAT THEY CHECK THEIR TRAPS EVERY SINGLE DAY. 1) it is the law and, 2) if not it will educate the beavers to avoid the traps. 

It takes a different set of skills to successfully trap aquatic species and predator species.  We have only one trapper that specializes in beaver trapping.  Not that the others are not capable, we just like having techs that specialize.

Beaver Trapped

What to expect with Professional Beaver Trapping

There are a lot of factors that come into consideration for the price of our beaver trapping services.  Where are the beavers located? How big of a pond, lake or stream are we dealing with?  What is the distance from where the trapper would park to the trapping location? Do you know that it is a beaver and not a muskrat, raccoon or something else?  Have you actually seen it? Is the dam or lodge located on your property? This helps us to get a better grasp as to what we are dealing with. Has anyone tried to trap the beavers in the past and failed?


Typically, we can give a pretty good price range by after asking questions over the phone.   When we are hired to trap, the Trapper scouts the property setting traps along the way. By the time he finishes, we will know the exact price based upon time and effort.

However, if you need a firm price, we can come out and perform an inspection.  There are fees associated with the time involved for this service, which includes locating where the activity is, possible dams & lodges. We can estimate the size of the colony and the effort that has to go into trapping. That helps us figure out a fair price for the trapping, lodge and dam destruction.

Speaking of dams… the last thing you want to do is destroy the dams before the beavers have been removed.

BUT we encourage you to paint a picture of what you are dealing with so we can give you a rough estimate over the phone.

beaver trapping


We charge a flat rate trapping fee for all animals including Beaver.  Our beaver trapping jobs are always quoted in two-week time-frames! There is NO setup fee, NO per animal fee – simply call us. The trapping fee is all inclusive: Up to ten (10) visits to set the traps, check the traps and to remove the Beavers trapped.  Forewarning, it is the law in the State of Georgia that the traps are checked every single day. No exceptions. We have 100% success rate of having the beaver problem resolved & completed within the estimated time of trapping.


Oftentimes beavers build more than one dam, therefore, it may not be just one dam that is causing the water level to be higher.  We will provide you with a quote to restore the natural water flow to the stream or river.  We spread the debris from the dam along the water to provide a natural shelter for aquatic animals and fish.

This is SOME of the Cities that we provide Beaver Trapping Services for are: AlpharettaBall GroundBlue RidgeCantonCrabappleCummingDahlonegaDawsonvilleDuluthEllijayGainesvilleJasperJohns CreekMariettaMiltonRoswell, and Suwanee.

Just to “highlight” a couple of the many other services that we offer:  Pest Control Services, Wildlife Exclusion Services (Critter-Proofing) Snake Control Services Yellowjacket & Hornet Nest Removal and so much more.



Any questions give us a call!