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Bat Removal Services

While having bats around in your general area is a good thing, having them inside of your home or within its structure is definitely not. Although bats are beneficial to our environment and are, in most cases, harmless to us, having them in your building presents many issues that should be addressed. Direct exposure to the bats, such as them being inside your living space, puts you at risk for rabies, and even just having them reside in the structure of your building can cause an unsafe level of feces build-up (guano) that can result in the fungus Histoplasmosis becoming a health-risk. While these are serious issues, thankfully, there are ways to quickly and humanely remove the bats and prevent any future incursions by them again. While every situation is different if you give us a call we can do our best to give you a rough estimate of what to expect (financially and otherwise) and to arm you with information so that even if you do not use our bat removal services, you can be prepared to find the right contractor for you.

Our Bat Removal Service area in North Georgia extends to the following areas: Alpharetta, Acworth, Ball Ground, Blue Ridge, Canton, Crabapple, Cumming, Dahlonega, Dawsonville, Duluth, Dunwoody, Ellijay, Gainesville, Jasper, Johns Creek, Kennesaw, Marietta, Milton, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Suwanee, Sugar Hill, and Woodstock.

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You came to our GEORGIA BAT REMOVAL PAGE because the bottom line is that either you have bats or you suspect you have bats in your attic.  We can help!  I want to be direct in providing you with the REAL answers that you are looking for as soon as possible.  Don’t let people scare you into making a bad decision or overpaying.




That our process is fast & your home is bat-free as quickly as possible without harming any bats in the process.



Our work gets the bats out and prevents them from entering the areas that we have sealed again.



We have some of the lowest prices in the area with the longest warranty and yet we take extra measures for aesthetics.

Surprisingly, most people do not care that bats are protected and there could be serious fines if bats are harmed.  Regardless, after those 3 hot points are addressed then there are 3 considerations when choosing a Professional & Licensed Bat Removal Expert to perform the services. I want to address each line item with how our company deals with all of these concerns. Please note that “Price” made both lists!

  • PRICE: We have some of the lowest prices in our town, however, we are not racing to the bottom – No one wins in that situation.  We charge what we feel is fair for the effort and risks put forth.  It just ends up, based upon our pricing structure, that we are typically on the low side even though our work goes above & beyond the average especially when you look at our effort to make the iron-clad work look aesthetically pleasing.
  • WARRANTY: FREE 10-Year warranty or a 2-year warranty that is renewable for a LIFETIME for a small fee.
  • HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO STARTNormally we can work bat jobs into our morning schedules and it shouldn’t take more than a couple of days to a week to get our team out to your property.

Now that I addressed those issues I would like to explain everything that you need to know in the bat removal process.

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Bat Exclusion Bat Removal


If you have bats in your attic, bats in your gable vents or bats in your soffits… you are not alone.  We can quickly get them out & keep them out!  Bats are super territorial so even if we get them out of your house they should still stay in the area.  You will still benefit from them being around eating thousands of insects a day.

We get Bats OUT & KEEP them OUT!  Our bat removal and exclusion methods are custom-tailored to suit each individual structure and situation. We utilize humane bat-removal techniques to ensure that NO bats are ever harmed in the process.

If the building has not been properly sealed, the bats will enter another opening in the same building. Bats only need an opening that is ¼ inch by 1½ inch, the thickness of a standard #2 pencil. Once we safely get the bats out, the exclusion work MUST be done to prevent the bats from returning to the roost site.  After the exclusion work, the bat guano clean-up is the next step.


Our Licensed Bat Removal Experts will inspect inside the attic and outside the home.  We establish how large the problem is and what is required to get the bats out.  This includes how much time will be required of us, materials & guano clean-up. After the inspection, we will be able to provide you with a price to get the bats out (exclusion work) and the Guano Clean-up.


Since no two homes are alike, no two exclusion proposals are the same price. However, Bat Exclusion is far less expensive than squirrel or rat exclusion work since we have to exclude fewer places normally. Bat Exclusion is the act of using bat-proof materials, devices, and “METHODS” to keep the bats OUT. We only use the highest quality animal-proof materials and devices, therefore, we are proudly able to guarantee that no critter will get past the areas where we have performed the exclusion services.

Bat Exclusion is the technical term for sealing your home to prevent bats from returning.  It is also known as bat-proofing.  However, let it be known that NOT all bat exclusion work is created equally.  About 15% of our work is repairing other companies’ exclusions that were not effective or done properly.

What makes our bat exclusion work different:

  1. We offer a FREE 10-year warranty with LIFETIME renewable option.
  2. Our prices are typically amongst the lowest in the industry.
  3. We take an extra measure for aesthetics.  ( Example: Gable vents we paint both sides of the metal to make it blend and to add longevity to the lifespan of our work, Fasteners are stainless steel and we even paint fastener heads to visually blend.)

Bat Exclusion

Bats are hyper-territorial so they will keep trying to get into what they consider to be their roosting spots.  It is imperative that a professional inspects the home and determines what needs to be sealed to keep the bats from gaining entry.  A bat can hide in a crack the thickness of a pencil.  So the key to a successful exclusion is 1) understanding bat behavior, 2) using quality materials that bats cannot get past.

bat entry points
Common Bat Entry Points

With wildlife you can NEVER say never or always.  The following FAQs are based upon our past history and expertise.  Let me dispel some commonly encountered misinformation:

  1. The more bats that you have the higher the price.  The only part of a bat exclusion that is dependent on the number of bats is the guano clean-up.  The amount of exclusion work that needs to be done is the same if it is 1 bat or 2,000 bats.
  2. If you have bats you need to have all of the insulation removed from your attic and then sanitize it.  Bat guano typically falls right below where they roost.  There should be isolated areas where the guano is piling up.   We found one bat job in the past decade that needed a complete attic restoration.

Frequently Asked Bat Removal Questions

((These are both frequently asked questions and common search engine queries))

Q: Bat removal or bat removal services near me?

A:  If you have bats in your attic or bats in your gable vent you absolutely need to find a professional to handle the bat removal process.  Bats are a protected species by both Federal & State Government.  There are hefty fines involved in harming a bat.  BUT, I do want to say that bat removal is only one step in the process.  Removal is just the part to get them to leave or get the bats out.  Bat Exclusion is the means to an end to prevent the bats from coming right back the next day.  

Q: How to get rid of bats -or- How to get a bat out of my house?

A:  As Bat Removal experts we get the bats out then seal up the home so they cannot come back in by using critter-proof materials in a manner which is designed to keep bats out.  Bats can hide in a crack the size of a #2 pencil.  Imagine that!  We do.  That is why in over 14 years of Bat Exclusions we have never had a breach in our exclusion work.  Twice, and only twice, we have had to come back to do additional work that is unusual and uncommon but that is a fantastic track record.  No bats were ever harmed (that we know of) in the process of our work.

Q: Bat exterminator near me?

A:  I know people get the term Exterminator mixed up often.  I need to address this.  Forget the fact that Bats are a protected species just for a moment.  If you are looking for ways to “Kill” bats, or the type of person that can spray a can of bug spray on bats to get them to leave…. we are NOT the company that you should call.  I cannot tell you the inhumane phone calls I have received over the years where I have had to question my desire to continue to answer the phones.  Let’s assume when you google Extermination you actually assume it is a Exterminator that will address the bat issue.  It oftentimes is.  But bats are not exterminated.  Now that I addressed the question RIGHT here, WE also will show up in a search for bat extermination.  BUT just know if a Professional is willing to use pesticides on bats or take measure which could result in harming bats —– RUN!  No, Better yet report them to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) at: 770-918-6408  

Q: How to get rid of bats in the attic?

A:  There is a methodical way to handle this where no bats will be harmed.  If they are in a gable they can be encouraged to leave by hand then the gable sealed.  If they are elsewhere or flying free in the attic then a Bat Valve must be created to custom fit the situation and allow the bats to leave but prevents them from entering again, hence, a one-way valve. However, to valve a home without sealing the rest of it is pointless. Then the process focus switches to “how to keep bats from getting inside”.

Q: How do bats get into houses?

A:  Bats are not looking to get INSIDE your home.  They are just as terrified of us as a lot of us are of them.  However, it is common for bats to roost in gable vents.  When enough or them roost or they have roosted long enough where either their weight or the guano has deteriorated the screen then suddenly they are inside the attic.  And that is exactly what you do not want to have happen.    

Q: Do bats bite humans while sleeping?


Q: Where will bats choose to live?


Q: What attracts bats to your house?


Q: How do I know if I have a colony of bats?


Q: Why do bats suddenly appear?


Q: Can bats eat through drywall?


Q: Why do I need professional bat removal?


Q: How to keep bats away? 

A:   Technically you do not want bats to “stay away” unless you want to bombard your property with pesticides to combat being overrun by mosquitos, moths, and insects.  What you should be asking is “How do we keep bats from getting inside our attic or walls?”.  The only way to prevent this from happening is to have your home professionally sealed by a company that understands wildlife.  Please don’t hire a roofer or handyman to seal your home.  We have had to undo so many exclusions where bats were sealed in or unnecessarily killed in the process.  

Q: How often should I inspect my property for Bats?


Q: Will the Bats go away on their own?  


Q: Does one bat in the house mean more?


Q: How long will a bat hide in my house?


Q: Can I sleep with a bat in my house?


Q: Will a bat leave on its own?


Q: What time of the year do bats have babies?


Q: How many bats usually live together?


Q: What can I do to keep bats from coming back?


Q: Where do bats go during the day?


Q: What is the Bat Removal process?


Q: How long will the bat removal take?


Q) Can we seal up just the one area where the bats are instead of multiple entry points as suggested?

A) Bats are hyper-territorial.  If we only remove them from the current roosting area, commonly a gable vent, they will go right into the next one.  It is cheaper to just seal them all on one trip versus doing it one trip at a time.  It is inevitable you will have to have all of them sealed.

Q) What if there is thousands of bats?  What does that do to the price?

A) The price of the bat removal & bat exclusion is not dependent on the number of bats.  What the number of bats does affect is the price of guano removal. The more bats there are the higher the costs to remove it.

Q: How long does it take bats to leave after the exclusion?


Q: Is bat removal covered by my homeowner’s insurance?


Q) My Handyman said he can just come at night and seal it up – isn’t that the same?

A) No! Absolutely NOT! Wildlife Technicians are licensed and trained to deal with wildlife.  Bats are quite elusive and it takes a trained eye to identify signs of entry or activity of bats.  Not all bats leave at night, some linger behind so if the exit gets sealed this means bats are now sealed in and left to die. Remember no bats can be harmed. It is the law.  We have had to remedy countless disasters when homeowners or contractors have tried to deal with bats on their own.  Also, what if your contractor gets bit during the process… can he sue you or your homeowners policy for the injury?

Q: Who should I call for removing my bats?


Q: How do you clean up after a bat infestation?


Q: What do bat droppings look like?


Q: How do you know if bat poop is fresh?


Q: Can bats spread rabies without biting?


Q: Can you get rabies from bat poop or pee?


Q: What percentage of bats carry rabies/Do all bats have rabies?


Q: Should I get a rabies shot if a bat was in my house?


Q: How soon do rabies symptoms appear?


Q: What are the early symptoms of rabies in humans?


Q: How long can a human live with rabies?


Q: Why are rabies patients afraid of water?


Q: Is bat urine toxic to humans?


Q) I have bats, someone recommended a complete attic restoration. Is this necessary?

A) No! Seldom have we encountered an attic so soiled from wildlife (let alone bats) that we actually recommend the insulation to be completely removed and then new insulation installed.  Bats “poop” right below where they roost.  Most of the time it requires guano removal and dealing with the small area and not the entire attic.

Q: How do I bat proof my house?


Q: How much does bat removal cost?


Q: Bat guano removal cost?


Q) Am I safe staying in the house during the removal process?

A) Yes! We have never had to have a client stay outside the home while we do the removal process.  If there was ever a concern, we would tell you immediately.  Again, there has never been a concern in the past.

Any questions give us a call!