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You must be searching for Rat Trapping or rat Extermination Services or you would have found our page. When it comes to rats, where there is one, there are usually others. While seeing an occasional rat or mouse is common in North Georgia and doesn’t necessarily mean there is an infestation. It can certainly be an indication that there could be an issue and if you are a business, having rodents around can be a serious problem. It is important to be aware that one female rat can breed up to 6 times a year and have an average litter of 7 or 8 young! So, as you can see, your rodent issues can begin small but end up escalating quickly. One mated pair of rats can create over 2,000 rats in one year. YIKES!

Our Rat Trapping & Removal service area in North Georgia extends as far south as Alpharetta, Crabapple, Duluth, Johns Creek, Marietta, Milton, Roswell, and Suwanee then going as far north as Ball Ground, Blue Ridge, Cumming, Dahlonega, Dawsonville, Ellijay, Gainesville, and Jasper.  We want to help you however we can, so if you have any questions feel free to give us a call!

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If you are experiencing a current rodent or rat infestation in your home, have a dead rat in your wall or attic, attic insulation removal, deodorizing, odor control, trapping and control of rodents, and rat-proofing, you have come to the right place.

We charge a FLAT RATE TRAPPING FEE for One (1) week of RAT trapping & Rodent Control. There is NO setup fee, NO per animal fee, and NO need for an estimate or quote. The trapping fee is all-inclusive: Five (5) trips out every single day (Monday through Friday) to set the traps, check the traps, and to remove all rodents trapped. It is the law in the State of Georgia that the traps are checked every single day – No exceptions.

Daily trap checking is important for many reasons: 1) It’s the law, 2) Humane to the rats & mice but equally important 3) It enables us to make the most out of your trapping dollars by our Professional Wildlife Technicians have the opportunity to reposition any traps that are not productive and baiting if necessary. WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU HIRE A PROFESSIONAL: – We have to inspect the property to determine the best trap to use and the location of the traps. – We use live cage traps, snap traps & concealed snap traps that are effective and humane. – IMPORTANT: All indoor traps are “concealed” inside boxes so there are no unwanted visual issues!

Rat Trapping Rat Extermination

Our Rat Trapping/Rat Extermination program is fast and effective.

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU HIRE A PROFESSIONAL: – We have to inspect the property to determine the best trap to use and location of the traps. – We use live cage traps, snap traps & concealed snap traps that are effective and humane. – IMPORTANT: All indoor traps are “concealed” inside boxes so there are no unwanted visual issues!


Exclusion is the act of using animal-proof materials, devices, and methods to keep the animals OUT. Once the animals are taken out, they leave behind odors, feces, and scents which may attract other animals. Although we have taken the tenant away (far enough to never find their way back) it just clears the way for the next one to find their way in unless you block off its ability to “Get back IN”.

Some of the most common entry areas for animals (Not just rats & mice) are: ◊ Gable Vents ◊ Soffit Junctions ◊ Dryer/Bathroom Vents ◊ Construction Gap (Gutter Line) ◊ Holes We only use the highest quality animal-proof materials and devices, therefore, we are proudly able to guarantee that no animal will get past the areas where we have performed the exclusion services. With all of this said, there is no way to give a price for exclusion work over the phone. While we are setting up the traps we determine how the animals are gaining access or entry into the building or property.  This enables us to calculate the costs of the exclusion work.  IF the proposal is acceptable we will perform the exclusion work while the trapping is being performed which increases the overall success of the entire process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

((These are both frequently asked questions and common search engine queries))

Q: How to get rid of mice or rats in your house, in your walls, or outside on your property –

A: Since we have been providing rat & mouse trapping services for over 14 years it is a methodical process but we are extremely successful at it. People often think if the rats or mice are in the walls that we have to set traps inside the walls. However, that is not true in almost all cases. We trap the rodents coming in and out of the walls. Rodents don’t just stay in the walls, they come out to forage for food and water.

Q: Rat exterminator near me –

A: When you are looking for a professional rat trapper or rodent exterminator and type in “near me” you actually could skew the results of the search. Google knows where you are from location services. You do not have to type in “near me” but if you do you actually could get businesses that put “near me” in the keywords sprinkled on their website and they are not actually near you. This paragraph is the perfect example. LOL

Q: How many visits does it take to get rid of rats?


Q: Homemade rat traps –

A: Ok this is a question we get asked all of the time. Can I rig up some rat traps and trap the rats or mice myself. First of all, why reinvent the wheel. We don’t encourage people to do rat trapping themselves, let alone making their own contraptions to trap rats. Here is why…. if you fail you just put the rats on guards. Rats & mice are quick learners and they will learn to avoid traps. So even using the right or proper rat traps the wrong way can educate the rodents and now you have made a professional rat trapper’s job even harder and sometimes costing more money.

Q: What is the best way to get rid of rats –

A: Absolutely hands down, hire a professional rat trapping company to come out and trap for the rats or mice. Once they get the rodents that are living inside your home, attic or walls OUT then we would give you an estimate to seal the home using rodent-proof material to prevent future entry.

Q: How to get rid of rats without poison –

A: Rat trapping is the most effective means of capturing rats. We use many different types of traps some are live cage trapping and others are instant humane kill traps. Someone who is not a professional should not use poisons because if used improperly it could lead to dead rats in the wall, dead rats in the attic or even lawsuits from other circumstances. We do use poisons under the right circumstances and they are highly effective at rodent population control —- if done right.

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