We offer an inexpensive yet highly-effective rodent prevention program which involves placing concealed bait stations strategically outside in the yard. The placement is a huge consideration. Also it is imperative that the bait stations are maintained and the bait kept fresh.

Keep in mind there are a couple of services that we offered in relation to any rodent problems.

  1. Before there is a problem: Rodent Prevention Program. This is the baiting program with quarterly visits.
  2. Rats (rodents heard or seen inside the house): Rat Trapping Services. Click on the service to read all about the specifics.
  3. After the rodents are removed from the inside of a home: RODENT EXCLUSION. This is the game-ended for rodents inside the home.

PLEASE NOTE: We can purchase decorative boxes for the yards where a black plastic box just will not work aesthetically.

We offer our rodent baiting program with an initial inspection and maintenance visits on a quarterly basis. It is a wonderful way to keep the rodent population in check on the outside of your home. A healthy rat or mouse population with growth not being controlled will eventually become a problem on the inside of your home.


Some of our customers are concerned about the effects of rodenticides on their feline friends. The thought is that cats will capture and consume mice that have recently fed on rodenticide. Customers ask, “What will happen to our cat?”

The situation described above is called secondary poisoning (Bell Labs Datasheet on Secondary Poisoning) . One of the rodenticides that we use is manufactured by Bell Labs. According to the manufacturer, a cat needs to consume 5-10% of its body weight to advise treatment from a veterinarian.  This means that if you have a 10 pound cat, the manufacturer estimates that 22-44 mice need to be consumed, in their entirety, to effect the cat.  Supposedly the cat will not require medical attention or treatment until over 44 mice are consumed.  Keep in mind cats are usually fed cat food and are not interested in consuming that many mice – in such a short period of time!   

We do not make the product, we simply use a product that we found to be effective & safe according to the EPA & Department of Agriculture.  

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