You must have typed in “EXTERMINATOR NEAR ME” offering Alpharetta Pest Control services or you would not have landed on our page for Southern Pest Management.  Our family-owned business began over a decade ago right in the heart of Alpharetta, specializing in wildlife control.  Due to our customer’s repeated requests, we have spent YEARS obtaining the formal education, & licenses required to be able to offer our pest control services to you.  With all of that said, here we are! Ready to serve!

The most common household pests in Alpharetta are rats, bats, mosquitoes, roaches, spiders, squirrels, scorpions, ants, fleas, stinkbugs & ladybugs.  If you have unwanted “pests” in your home, there is a quick solution… CALL US!


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We take the time to do a thorough inspection to determine what is best for your specific situation. It is no longer the age of “one size fits all” pest control.  We identify the target pests and take measures to get rid of them.   We will utilize habitat modifications combined with controls (biological, cultural & mechanical) and proper amounts of pesticides to solve the problem.  This approach is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

We apply our pesticides in a manner that minimizes risks to human health, non-target organisms, and the environment.

The BOTTOM LINE:  Our approach successfully maintains a pest-free environment without having to rely “totally” on traditional pesticides.

Any of our services can be tailored to suit any BUDGET & NEED.  Talk to us!  We offer typical household pest control services on a Bi-monthly or Quarterly basis.

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biological pest controlBiological Control 

Biological control is the use of natural enemies—predators, parasites, pathogens, and competitors to control pests. 


Habitat & Environmental Controls

Habitat controls are practices that reduce pests from getting established, reproducing, dispersing, and surviving. Like moisture control, debris removal, etc. This is the most common of the interventions that we practice in our pest management program.

rat trapsMechanical and Physical Controls

 Mechanical & Physical controls are measures to kill a pest directly, block pests out, or make the environment unsuitable for it. (Examples; Mechanical control could be traps. Physical controls can be screens or barriers.)

pest control sprayChemical Control

With our approach pesticides are always used in combination with other approaches for more effective, long-term control.  There is a certain amount of pesticides that we are allowed to spray in accordance to the label.  However, we are not just going to hose down your home with the maximum allowable.  We determine the amount it will take to eliminate the target species and apply that in a responsible manner. Our goal is to move all pesticide applications outside and do very little on the inside of your home.  We prefer to eliminate the pests before the come inside your living environment.  This mindset and practices makes for a healthier home. 

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It is not difficult to be conscientious about pesticide application –  it just takes desire and a little more time.  An example, some homes or target species may call for the use of bait stations instead of spraying.  When applying pesticides an area it could require a simple spot-spray instead of broadcast spraying.  This may require more time to switch gear or approach, regardless, it will pay off in results.  To understand more about the science behind this type of program, here is a video you can watch on the Scientific Basis for IPM.

Our friendly, highly-skilled staff is happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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It is no longer the age of "one size fits all" pest control. We identify the target pests and take measures to get rid of them. We will utilize habitat modifications, biological, cultural & mechanical controls to solve the problem. This approach is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
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