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The most common household pests in our area are mosquitos, roaches, spiders, scorpions, ants, fleas, stinkbugs & ladybugs. When you have creepy crawling insects in your home, there is a quick & simple solution…  Call us.  We can help.

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We take the time to do an inspection thoroughly to assess your specific situation.  This allows us to determine the target pests and devise a strategy to completely eliminate them.  Our program will utilize habitat modifications & controls (biological & cultural, mechanical) with the right amount of pesticides in the proper locations to remedy the problem.  This approach is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  Basically we look at the big picture and use the existing resources & tools combined with minimal pesticides to remedy the situation.  Following the IPM standards, all pest control materials are selected and applied in a manner that minimizes risks to human health, beneficial and non-target organisms, and the environment.

All of our services can be tailored to suit any BUDGET & NEED.  Talk to us!  We offer typical household pest control services on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis.

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Our approaches for managing pests are often grouped in the following categories:

biological pest controlBiological Control 

Biological control is the use of natural enemies—predators, parasites, pathogens, and competitors—to control pests and their damage. 


Habitat & Environmental Controls

Habitat controls are practices that reduce pest establishment, reproduction, dispersal, and survival.  Examples; irrigation, debris, woodpiles, etc.

rat trapsMechanical and Physical Controls

 Mechanical & Physical controls are measures to kill a pest directly, block pests out, or make the environment unsuitable for it.  Examples of this are; mechanical controls can be traps for rodents & physical controls can be screens to keep birds or insects out.


pest control sprayChemical Control

Chemical control is the responsible use of pesticides.  In IPM, pesticides are used in combination with other approaches for more effective, long-term control.

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Implementing an IPM program involves using the most selective pesticide that will do the job and be the safest for other organisms and your environment.  This means using pesticides in bait stations rather than sprays; or spot-spray a few weeds instead of an entire area.  To understand more about the science behind an IPM program, watch this video: Scientific Basis for IPM .  This principle closely mimics our philosophy & standards so it was natural for us to incorporate into our daily practices.

“The most effective, long-term way to manage pests is by using a combination of methods that work better together than separately”.

Chad Deal, Partner & Head of Pest Control Operations

While each situation is different, six major components are common to all IPM programs:

1.            Pest identification

2.            Monitoring and assessing pest numbers and damage

3.            Guidelines for when management action is needed

4.            Preventing pest problems

5.            Combining biological, cultural, physical/mechanical and chemical mgmt tools

6.           Reevaluation is the key to success!

Our friendly, highly-skilled staff is happy to answer any questions you have.  Call us at (678)935-5900 to set up an appointment for a pest inspection that suits your schedule.  We go above and beyond to ensure that our services are personal and affordable.

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