GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Southern Wildlife Management, LLC dba Southern Pest Management. (hereinafter referred to as ”SPM”) guarantees to provide the described wildlife management/trapping service as indicated on the reverse side of this agreement.  The services could consist of one or a combination of the following: installing/setting traps, pre-baiting, or baiting, exclusion work until control is achieved. The customer also understands that any tampering with the equipment/materials provided, moving the traps or releasing any animals, other than by an “SPM” employee, is against the law and SPM reserves the right to immediately pull the remaining traps and cease trapping with no refunds on any days remaining on trapping. The customer also agrees that any and all equipment/materials used to trap and/or monitor remain the property of “SPM” and agree to allow retrieval of such equipment when deemed necessary. The customer understands that the traps are checked once a day during normal operating hours.  The trap check schedule is set by “SPM”.  “SPM”  is in no way responsible for any pests trapped or expiring within any part inside or outside of the structure.  If a deceased animal is requested to be removed other than what we have trapped the customer acknowledges that the company may assess a fee to locate and/or remove a deceased animal.  There is no guarantee written or otherwise implied that “SPM” that we will be able to locate a deceased animal.  The trapping/service/trip fees or charges cover the time, labor & expertise and do not guarantee success.  That includes service calls to hand catch & removal of an animal or trapping.  “SPM” gets paid for the effort regardless of success.  If any traps or equipment is stolen while on the customer’s property, the customer is liable for the replacement cost of the trap and equipment.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: “SPM” is not liable for illness, disease or injury caused by interaction with, scratch, sting or bite obtained by any pest or nuisance wildlife animal, bird or reptile for any reason. If we are hired to access a hive, dead animal or any other wildlife or pest control issue within a wall or structure there are damages that will have to occur in order for us to access and remove such.  Although obvious, they are unavoidable to provide the services in which we were hired.  We are in no way, shape or form responsible for claimed damaged.

GUARANTEE OF EXCLUSION SERVICES: “SWM” guarantees all exclusion services rendered for Two (2) Years from the date of the agreement. There is absolutely NO CHARGE for the initial warranty.  The warranty covers the EXACT locations where the exclusion services were performed by “SPM” will not guarantee that an animal will never gain access but more so that access will not be obtained through exclusion work that “SPM” deemed necessary to exclude and performed said exclusion work.  If an animal gains access in a specific area(s) that was excluded, “SPM” agrees to trap for up to 1 week and repair the exclusion work in the same area at no additional charge.  If “SPM” is called out for a breach in the exclusion and it is determined that there was no breach in our exclusion work then there will be a trip/inspection charge depending on travel time and time involved in the inspection of $125 & up per occurrence. Under no circumstances will “SPM” warranty or guarantee any work performed by other companies.  If there is preexisting work done and “SPM” is hired to fix the work done.  “SPM” only guarantees the areas where exclusion work was performed by “SPM”. Any modifications (examples: remodeling, painting, roofing, storm damage) to our exclusion work will void our warranty & guarantee.

Causes for voiding a warranty: a) Primarily Feeding wildlife, including but not limited to birds & deer, will attract rodents to your yard.  If your home has been sealed for rats, it is advisable to stop all forms of supplementing food for wildlife.  We always recommend a rodent baiting program to control the population of rats outside the home. If a rodent baiting program is not maintained and there is sign or evidence of supplemental feeding it will void the warranty.  b) Food containers, food, anything with food on it being stored around the perimeter of the home or in the garage would attract rodents to your property.  c) Large breed dog feces being left to naturally decompose in the yard could attract rodents to your yard.  All of the above issues will encourage an over-population and infestation of rats in the yard.  If a rodent baiting program is not maintained to support the wildlife exclusion, it will void the warranty.

DEAD ANIMAL CLAUSE: If “SPM” is hired to perform exclusion services to seal up a home.  “SPM” does everything in its power to prevent any critter from being sealed in the home/attic.  If there is probable cause to suspect that an animal has died after the home has been sealed then it is not the responsibility of “SPM”.  “SPM” will, for a reduced fee, attempt to track down the source and remove the dead animal.  This is an inherent risk that is assumed when a house is sealed up to prevent animals from gaining entry.  If a critter gets sealed in while we are there doing the work we will trap for free to remove it.  If the work is complete and an animal is sealed inside we offer a daily trapping fee to remedy the situation.  $70 per day/visit.  We will work as quickly as possible to remedy the situation.  This is the only circumstance where we allow daily trapping versus a flat-rate full week.

EXCLUSION MATERIALS MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY:  “SPM” uses exclusion materials that are guaranteed by the manufacturers for a minimum of 15 years from the date of purchase.  Product Warranties are through the individual Manufacturers and subject to their terms and conditions.

DAMAGE CLAUSE:  “SPM” is not responsible for any damage occurring from locating, catching or removing nuisance animals. Also “SPM” is not responsible for any damage to any roofing shingles, fascia board, conduit, duct work, pipes, wires and or any construction material damaged by nuisance wildlife or “SPM” in the process of performing wildlife services or wildlife exclusion.  “SPM” will take every measure possible to avoid any damage but could occasionally occur.  In order for SPM to locate and remove a nuisance animal, it may require cutting into, taking apart or removing material in order to gain access to the animal.  SPM will ask permission to do whatever necessary to gain access but SPM assumes no responsibility in repairing, putting anything back together or replacing any material as a part of the process.  No claims will be filed against SPM’s General Liability policy as this is a part of the risk associated with the service rendered.

PAYMENT /ARBITRATION CLAUSE: Customer understands that any balance thirty (30) days past due will be charged a late fee of 5%. This fee will be compounded each thirty (30) day period thereafter.  On any account sixty (60) days past due “SPM” Reserves the right to stop services on the account and place the account in the hands of an Attorney for collection or file a lawsuit.  Signer of the account agrees to pay any and all Attorney’s fees paid or incurred up to an amount no less than 30% of the unpaid amount of the contract price, and the court costs incurred, if any, in addition to any unpaid balance of this contract.  Any and all returned checks will be subject to a $25.00 fee or 5% of the check whichever is greater.  The customer and “SPM” also agree that if any controversy or claim between them shall be settled by private, binding arbitration or if agreeable by both parties, mediation.  If this cannot be agreed upon it will be put in the hands of “SPM’s” Attorney.  Customer signature attests to financial responsibility, agreement to pay a finance charge of 5% on all past due amounts older than thirty (30) days, agreement to pay all costs of collecting including any Attorney’s fee and court costs.

CANCELLATION CLAUSE:  The contract may be canceled any time prior to midnight of the third (3) business day after the date of this transaction with a written certified letter, as long as NO work has been performed and/or started.  This letter is to delivered certified & Proof of Delivery receipt to our business address of 746 Amicalola Dr, Dawsonville, GA 30534.

SEVERABILITY CLAUSE: In the event that any part of this agreement/contract is determined by a court of law to be void or unenforceable, then that part of this contract/agreement shall be severed from this contract/agreement and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

MISCELLANEOUS TERMS: 1) This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia.  Each party irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of any State Court located in Fulton County, Georgia over any action, suit or proceeding to enforce or defend any right under this contract/agreement or otherwise arising from a transaction connected with this contract/agreement.  2) Our waiver of any term of this contract/agreement does not constitute a waiver of other terms, nor does a waiver in a particular circumstance constitute an agreement to waive it at other times.  Waiver of a term with one customer does not constitute a waiver with others.

RODENTICIDE SERVICES (INCLUDING MOLE BAIT):  As with all usage of registered pesticides, there are certain inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries.  You agree to the following,  You were made aware of the terms and other risks that are inherent in the activity which you are hiring Southern Wildlife Management, LLC dba Southern Pest Management to provide to control the rodent or mole population on your property or a property that I am responsible for.  You hereby assert that my participation is voluntary and that YOU knowingly assume all such risks.


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