You must be looking for a “WILDLIFE TRAPPER NEAR YOU” which is offering Johns Creek Wildlife Control (Johns Creek Animal Control)  or you would not have landed on our page for Southern Wildlife Management, LLC dba Southern Pest Management.

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Our family-owned business began over a decade ago right in the heart of what is now called Johns Creek, specializing in wildlife control.  Due to our customer’s requests, we spent YEARS obtaining the education, skill set & licenses required to be able to also offer standard household pest control services to you.  With all of that said, here we are! Ready to serve!

The most common nuisance wildlife problems involve the following services:  Johns Creek Rat Trapping & Rodent Control, Johns Creek Bat Removal & Bat Guano Clean-up, Johns Creek Squirrel Trapping, Johns Creek Snake Control & Snake RemovalJohns Creek Beaver Trapping & Dam RemovalJohns Creek Fox TrappingJohns Creek Coyote Trapping & ControlJohns Creek Hornet Nest Removal & Bee Hive Relocation and Johns Creek Standard Household Pest Control issues for bugs & creepy crawly insects.   If you have unwanted “guests” in your home, there is a quick solution…SIMPLY CALL US!


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We are licensed, highly-trained, skilled wildlife trappers.  We offer affordable & humane wildlife trapping services.  Our goal is to provide solutions that resolve the wildlife problem and not just a temporary fix.  All of our wildlife trapping services are offered as a flat-rate fee service.  The rodents are always a one-week endeavor while the advanced trapping like beaver, fox & coyote are always two-week jobs.  While we are trapping, we figure out what needs to be sealed on the home to prevent future entry.

You can thank urine marking for the fact that once you have rodents in your attic, you will have them again & again.  Seriously, there are many University studies on rodent urine marking which state “In rodents, where chemical signals play a particularly important role in determining intraspecies interactions including social dominance and intersexual relationships, various studies have shown that behavior is sensitive to conspecific odor cues. Mice use urinary scent marks for communication with individual conspecifics in many social contexts. Urinary scent involves genetic information about individuals such as species, sex, and individual identity as well as metabolic information such as social dominance, and reproductive and health status, which are mediated by chemical proteins in scent marks including the major histocompatibility complex and the major urinary proteins.”


We charge a FLAT-RATE FEE for One (1) week of Wildlife trapping & Wildlife Control services. There is NO setup fee, NO per animal fee, NO need for an estimate or quote. The trapping fee is all inclusive: Five (5) trips out every single day (Monday through Friday) to set the traps, check the traps and to remove all rodents trapped.  According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, in the State of Georgia, it is a requirement that the traps are checked every single day.
Daily trap checking is important for many reasons: 1) It’s the law, 2) Humane to the squirrels, rats & mice but equally important 3) It enables us to make the most out of your trapping dollars by our Professional Wildlife Trappers having the opportunity to reposition any traps that are not productive and rebaiting if necessary.
– A thorough inspection is performed to determine the species based upon factual signs & evidence.
– Then we determine the best trap for the species, the appropriate bait & location of the traps.
– All of our traps are legal, effective and humane.
– We check our traps daily.  We want to make the most of your trapping dollars.  Therefore, we want to make the traps available to catch other critters quickly.


Exclusion is the act of using animal proof materials, devices and methods to keep the animals OUT. Once the animals are taken out, they leave behind odors, feces, and scents which may attract other animals. Although we have taken the tenant away (far enough to never find their way back) it just clears the way for the next one to find their way in unless you block off its ability to “Get back inside”. Some of the most common entry areas for animals (Not just rats & mice) are:

◊ Gable Vents ◊ Soffit Junctions ◊ Dryer/Bathroom Vents ◊ Construction Gap (Gutter Line) ◊ Holes

We only use the highest quality animal-proof materials and devices, therefore, we are proudly able to guarantee that no animal will get past the areas where we have performed the exclusion services. With all of this said, there is no way to give a price for exclusion work over the phone. While we are trapping, we determine how the animals are gaining access or entry into the building or property.  This enables us to calculate the costs of the exclusion work.  IF the quote is approved, we will quickly seal the home.
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We offer humane Johns Creek wildlife trapping & wildlife control services. Flat-rate fee trapping and our critter-proofing (wildlife exclusion) services come with a 5-year warranty with no annual fees.