In picturesque Alpharetta area all the way to Blue Ridge, Georgia, a common urban adversary is on the rise: it is Rats. These persistent creatures aren’t confined to just urban centers; they’ve found their way across diverse neighborhoods. At Southern Wildlife Management, we’re dedicated to educating homeowners about rat control and offering efficient solutions.

rat trapping

The two predominant rats in North Georgia are the Roof Rats and Norway Rats. Let’s understand their differences:

  • Appearance:
  • Size & Build: Norway rats are bulkier, whereas roof rats are slender.
  • Color: Roof rats have darker fur, while Norway rats have a brownish or grayish coat.
  • Tail & Features: Roof rats sport a longer tail and more prominent ears, while Norway rats possess a blunter snout and smaller ears.
  • Signs and Behavior: Professional trappers identify them based on droppings, burrows, runways, and grease marks. Norway rats are notably more aggressive, sometimes even chasing after humans!

Understanding Rat Behavior

  1. Nature: Nocturnal creatures with poor eyesight but excellent senses otherwise.
  2. Invasion Reasons: Urbanization has led them to our homes, which offer them shelter, warmth, and sustenance.
  3. Attractants: Factors range from leftover food, unsealed trash bins, and less frequented areas like attics.

Preventing Rat Invasions

Efficient rat control means ensuring they don’t find your home appealing. A combination of cleanliness, proper food storage, regular home inspections, yard maintenance, and sealing home entry points can significantly curb infestations.

The Risks They Pose

Rats aren’t just a nuisance; they’re a health hazard. From spreading diseases like leptospirosis to aggravating allergies and even causing issues by chewing wires.

Your Rat Solution by Southern Wildlife Management

Our strategy focuses on humane trapping and comprehensive exclusion.

  • Trapping Process: A week-long service with daily checks.
  • Exclusion Services: Identifying and sealing entry points ensures rats can’t return.


  • How long is the trapping process? One week with daily checks.
  • Is the process safe for family and pets? Absolutely. We prioritize humane methods.
  • What if I find a dead rat? Contact us immediately for professional removal.

Interesting Rat Facts

  • 1. Exceptional swimmers.
  • 2. Can outlast a camel without water.
  • 3. Possess a memory rivaling dogs.

In conclusion, our Family Wildlife Control Business has been serving the Alpharetta to Blue Ridge area in Georgia for 15 years as of the date of this article. We would love to help resolve any conflicts or concerns that you have with local wildlife. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to CALL US! (678)935-5900

Understanding Nuisance Rodents: Your Guide to Rat Control in North Georgia by Southern Wildlife Management
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