We offer an inexpensive yet highly-effective rodent prevention program which involves placing concealed bait stations strategically outside in the yard. The placement is a huge consideration. Also it is imperative that the bait stations are maintained and the bait kept fresh.

Keep in mind there are a couple of services that we offered in relation to any rodent problems.

  1. Before there is a problem: Rodent Prevention Program. This is the baiting program with quarterly visits.
  2. Rats (rodents heard or seen inside the house): Rat Trapping Services. Click on the service to read all about the specifics.
  3. After the rodents are removed from the inside of a home: RODENT EXCLUSION. This is the game-ended for rodents inside the home.

PLEASE NOTE: We can purchase decorative boxes for the yards where a black plastic box just will not work aesthetically.

We offer our rodent baiting program with an initial inspection and maintenance visits on a quarterly basis. It is a wonderful way to keep the rodent population in check on the outside of your home. A healthy rat or mouse population with growth not being controlled will eventually become a problem on the inside of your home.

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Rodent Prevention Program
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Rodent Prevention Program
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