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Rat in a cage trap
Rats Nest Johns CreekRats Nest Johns Creek
RAT trapping
rat trapping

Rodent prevention measures are a critical step in the Rodent Control Process.  The usual steps or protocol is initially to start trapping to reduce the population or remove the rodents from inside of a home.  Then once it is in control it is suggested to implement any & all prevention measures which are listed on our PDF. The last and final step should be to have a professional seal your home using critter-proof materials applied in a way, critter specific, to keep them OUT.

Our team highlighted the measures you can take as a homeowner, on your own property, to keep the rodent activity down and to stop attracting the rodents to your yard.  Input your email below and you will be taken to the PDF file – it can open or download.


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Rodent Prevention Steps
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